Deliciously Ella With Friends Review |

Deliciously Ella With Friends | Cookbook Review

Deliciously Ella with Friends is a cookbook by blogger and businesswoman, Ella Woodward, based around plates for sharing and serving up for groups. Deliciously Ella With Friends is full of great recipes, with beautiful photographs, The recipes are great for sharing, and many of them can actually be created ahead of time, so hosting doesn’t

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George Lucas: A Life Biography Review |

George Lucas: A Life | Biography Review

George Lucas: A Life is a biography written by Brian Jay Jones that tells the story of George Lucas’ personal life and career from when he was a teenager through to mid 2016. It’s a detailed, thrilling biography, speckled with insight from Lucas’ friends and family, as well as from the man himself. Of course,

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Frosé Recipe |

Frosé Recipe

Rosé seems to be the wine of late, but sometimes Frosé is where it’s at for me. Some people just freeze their wine, I like to freshen it up. First of all it’s sweeter that way, and I’m not a fan of tang, but its also a simple cocktail. 1 bottle of rose Frozen Berries

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