Sonix iPhone 7 Plus Case Wishlist |

Sonix iPhone 7 Plus Case Wishlist

I have had the same phone case on my phone since I bought it. It’s a Sonix Phone Case, and the plastic edging is still tight as a tiger 6 months on. I must admit I have dropped my phone a couple times, but its been fine every time. I love the print on my

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Bag Lady Vol. 3 |

Bag Lady Vol. 3

My bag collection doesn’t necessarily need to get any bigger, but that probably won’t stop me. I really like switching it out, both for my outfit, but also for what I’m doing that day or night, depending on what I need to carry with me. I tend to buy bags that are relatively cheap, $20

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Fun Things Wishlist | Emma Louisa

Unnecessary Things | Wishlist

I’ve seen so many awesome random bits in my searches across the internet lately and I really wish I owned all of the things. I wanted to share my wishlist with you, in case you like any of it and want to get. I really want to learn calligraphy so this Nib + Ink book might

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Winter Wardrobe Wishlist | For Home

I’m the kind of person who comes home, goes to my wardrobe and gets changed into comfy clothes and relaxes before I get into doing much else most nights. I love wearing trackpants (we call them fat pants) and a baggy t-shirt around. And if I have to go out after that to run an

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Winter Wardrobe Wishlist | For Work

I’ve been looking at my wardrobe lately and feeling like it needs a refresh. I’ve got so many blacks and navy pieces and some are starting to get a little worn. I’m also finding that I have lots of pullover knitwear that I can’t wear to work because our office is kept relatively warm. My black

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Coffee Table Books | Style |

Coffee Table Books | Style

  I love a good book that I can pick up, read a chapter or so and then walk away. Books I can put on display are also amazing because they serve two purposes. Art books, memoirs, photography books and streetstyle and just fun to have around when you’re just eating breakfast or drinking a

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iPhone Case Wishlist |

iPhone Case Wishlist

You might think it’s a little weird that I like looking at iPhone cases, when I don’t own an iPhone. Or maybe a lot weird. While I save up, I like finding bits online that I’d get for it, like cute cases. It keeps me on track. Currently my phone and iPod are dying a

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9 to 5: Workwear Wishlist |

Nine to Five | Workwear Wish List

A new year always makes me want to have a bunch of new pieces for my work wardrobe. I like versatile workwear pieces that I can easily mix and match when I’m running out of time in the morning. 1. ASOS V Neck Mono Colour Block Blouse // 2. ASOS Structured Shopper Bag With Removable Clutch //

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Holiday Outfits |

Holiday Outfits

With the holidays soon upon us, it;s time to get your outfits sorted. Between the family barbeques and cocktail parties, there’s a range of styles to put together. I love getting into some comfy pyjamas, eating a great meal and watching a festive movie on Christmas Eve. It just sets the holiday scene for me. Since it’s

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