The Perfect Cheese Platter | Emma Louisa

The Perfect Cheese Platter

I love a good cheese platter. But if you’re preparing it to share with other people, you’ve got to think about more tastes than your own. Everyone likes something a little different, so if you place a variety of cheeses and other bits on the platter, everyone will be able to have something they like.

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The Caker Cake Mix Review |

The Caker Chocolate Hazelnut Cake Mix | Review

I’m allergic to wheat so I use spelt or gluten free flour in all of my baking. It means it’s difficult for me to buy cakes or biscuits from a store. When I found out that The Caker makes most of her cakes with either gluten free or spelt flour, I was super excited. The

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Making Meatballs |

Making Meatballs

I’m attempting to try as many new things this year as possible. It’s a fun little attempt from me to  be able to look back on the year and see all of the cool things I did. Part of this is taking some new classes to see what interests me. I’ve been using Skillshare for over

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Kitchen Haul |

Kitchen Haul

I’ve bought quite a few things lately for our little apartment lately, so I thought I’d show you all of the food related items. They are all bargains, so if you’re after some cheap, yet cute things for your kitchen, I recommend these shops. They actually all have quite cool new ranges in now, so if

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A Cocktail: Gin Gin Mule

Occasionally, you just need a good stiff drink after a long day, or while relaxing on the grass. We’re headed into that time of year when having a few friends over to chill out in the backyard is a great way to spend an afternoon, so why not add to your cocktail repertoire. 10mL simple

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