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6 LUSH Cosmetics Reviews

I’m a little behind on posting my thoughts on all of the LUSH products that I’ve tested, so here is a bunch of reviews of products I have tried recently. Guardians of the Forest Bath Bomb This a bright green bomb that completely changes the colour of your water. It dissolves quickly and completely into the

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LUSH Never Mind the Ballistics Bath Bomb Review | Emma Louisa

LUSH Never Mind the Ballistics Bath Bomb | Beauty Review

The Never Mind the Ballistics Bath Bomb from LUSH Cosmetics is part bath bomb, part cocoa butter bath melt. It’s a beautiful bright bath bomb with a yellow bath bomb with neon pink cocoa butter on one half. It smells beautifully citrusy on the bottom, with a citrus scent with a hint of cocoa on the top.

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MAC Cosmetics Russian Red Lipstick Review |

MAC Cosmetics Russian Red Lipstick | Review

MAC Cosmetics Russian Red Lipstick is the perfect matte red for me. It’s bright, makes my lips seems a little bigger and bolder. I think it’s my new favourite lipstick. I just need to make sure it matches with my outfit so I can wear it out as much as possible. I love the matte look

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HUM Nutrition Unboxing + Mini Review |

HUM Nutrition Unboxing + Mini Review

I spotted these vitamins in quite a few YouTube videos, namely MarissaLace, and thought I should look into them. Their site provides a short health quiz to lead you in the right direction, since they have so many different vitamins. It asks you things like how you eat and what need a little help with.

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LUSH Christmas Launch

This morning, I went to the LUSH Christmas product launch here in Auckland. It was a fun event, getting to see the new range, see some demonstrations, chat to some other bloggers and even mould our own bath bombs. I love so many of the new bits for the LUSH Christmas range, but there are

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LUSH Cosmetics The Experimenter Review |

LUSH Cosmetics The Experimenter Bath Bomb | Review

Ever since The Experimenter Bath Bomb was featured on the LUSH site, I wondered what it would be like. Whether it would create a rainbow, or just a murky mess. Whether it would shoot around the bath, or just crumble in one spot. It’s made of five bright colours, which I hoped would translate into such a

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