The Enormous Crocodile Company | Wellington

The Enormous Crocodile Company is a novelty bike rental shop slash ice cream parlour. You can rent a multi seat bike, and ride along the waterfront, then get a scoop or a shake.

On the day we went, it was raining, so we decide against getting a bike, but we got these epic shakes. I got a freak shake, so mine was a shake, with a cone with a scoop of ice cream, plus fairy floss and chocolate bark. My boyfriend got a normal shake, so his was a little more standard. They also do donut shakes, so you can also get a donut when they haven’t already sold out for the day.

Their service was great, the flavour range was great, and the shakes were bloody good. Next time you’re in Wellington, check this place out, even just to ride one of their cool bikes.



The Enormous Crocodile Company | Wellington |

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