Friend Request by Laura Marshall | Book Review |

Friend Request by Laura Marshall | Book Review

Friend Request starts when Louise receives a Facebook friend request from Maria. But Maria died in high school… Didn’t she??

Friend Request is haunting and realistic. I was genuinely terrified for both Louise and her son. She goes through so many rollercoasters worth of emotions, where her fear is heightened and then lessened as she goes through all of the twists and turns of the book. It’s a complete and utter mind fuck. You’re second guessing everyone in her life, past and present, including seeming strangers. You question even if she’s telling the truth, and it’s told in her head.

Friend Request is so well written. I definitely was expecting a lot of things that happened. That’s not to say it didn’t make sense, just that it sort of crept up on you, all at once. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. This only took me a couple of days to read and I didn’t want to put it down. I just wanted t know what happened back then, and what was happening now, and by who.

I’d recommend this to any mystery buff, any horror nerd, or just anyone that likes a twist on every page.

Thanks to Hachette for my copy of Friend Request


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