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Cafe Tasca

This morning, I went to another Brunch Club with a group of other bloggers I’m connected with. We ate at Cafe Tasca in Mount Eden and it was an amazing experience. Not only was the group lovely and chatty as usual, but we had great food drinks and a great outdoor cafe experience.

I decided to order an iced chocolate, since I’d already had a coffee at home, and a gluten free margherita pizza. Both were super yummy and I really liked it that I could get a gluten free base for the pizza rather than just being able to eat a bowl of fries. The gluten free option isn’t on their menu, so if you are headed there and want it gluten free, you’ll need to ask. Some of the other girls had some amazing looking meals too if pizza isn’t your thing, like tapas platters, mixed grills and french toast.

After we had finished our meal, the team brought out some complimentary churros with chocolate and cream to share which were so yum. I only ate half of one, so I could try them without overdoing it on the wheat, but they were so good it was hard to stop.

The cafe is styled after spanish cafes, so it had an open outdoor back section where we could see into the kitchen. The area also had a bar and would be awesome to rent out for an event. It was surrounded enough that there wasn’t too much of a breeze. They also had heaters above us which were great to have, and blankets if you need one.

If you’d like to check out Cafe Tasca, they have two locations in Newmarket and Mount Eden in Auckland.


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  1. This all sounds so nice! Your pizza looks delicious, and I love the environment you’ve described. I love eating outside in the nice weather, but first you have to get through the chillier months, so it’s so nice that they have blankets and heaters! So nice 🙂

    Erin | Explore, Refresh

  2. Seriously, your pizza looked so amazing! It was a case of serious food-envy on Sunday. Always struggle when you go out with a big group. haha! 🙂
    I hadn’t been to Tasca before, so it was really neat checking out. The French Toast was amazing. 😀

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