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Treat yourself

When you are feeling a little down, or like you need a break, treat yourself to something nice. It doesn’t have to be buying yourself something, it could be treating yourself to a little me time, reading a book, letting yourself sleep in.

Cut yourself a little bit of slack. Give yourself a decent day, weekend or week off. While you’re at it, sleep in, read a book, take your time┬ámaking a cooked breakfast, laze around watching TV and chatting to friends and family.

You don’t have to spend money to treat yourself, but I do like to buy myself a small foodie treat, or even some flowers. A simple treat from the supermarket, like a sweet drink or a pack of sweets can be a great addition to a movie marathon. I also like to get myself a bunch of flowers from a florist, they last a little longer, but not an extravagant bouquet. I like roses, they often sell them on a multi buy deal, and they last really long. I prefer to keep these as a treat rather than getting them all of the time.

I sometimes like to take an extra long shower, or a long hot bath. The heat relaxes my muscles, and it gives me a little time out from everything. If I’m having a bath, I’ll listen to music, watch TV or YouTube, or read a book while I’m in the tub.

Whatever you choose, cut yourself a break and treat yourself to something nice.

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