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Meal Planning

I’m so much better organised when I plan out my weeks for the week ahead. I don’t need to buy my lunch when I’m at work, and I always have something sorted when I get home from work. To keep my plan a little healthier, I like to do my meal planning after going to the gym. It makes me feel guilty if I stray.

I start by looking through my recipe books and choosing a bunch of recipes that I’d like to eat that week. I vary up what meats I’m eating and try to get in a few vegetarian meals whenever possible. This gives me a lot of different meals to keep things interesting, and also means I get a variety of vitamins and minerals in my diet.

Meal Planning | Emma Louisa

I personally prefer to cook extra for dinner and eat leftovers for the next day at lunch. This saves me a lot of time and money. Except fish, I don’t like taking that to work. Those days I’ll take a soup or something.

I like to use a meal planner pad. The one I’m currently using at the moment is from Kmart so it was super cheap. This helps me a lot because I can see what I’m planning on having that night or the next night. My boyfriend and I go through phases where we cook our own meals, which is what we are doing at the moment. I have my meal planner on the corkboard near our front door so that he can see what I’m having incase he wants to have the same thing, or plan around what I’m having. To keep my planning a little healthier, I like to do my meal planning after going to the gym. It makes me feel guilty if I stray.

Next, I go through each of the recipes I’ve chosen and check what I already have in my pantry, fridge and freezer. I write myself up a list of everything I need from the supermarket on a shopping list pad, also from Kmart, and make sure everything I’ll need for the week is written down on that list. I check through my whole cupboards so that I don’t end up with 10 packets of sage.

Meal Planning | Emma Louisa

At the supermarket, I really try to stick to that list. If I buy anything extra, it’s usually junk food, or completely goes to waste when I don’t use it. Because I haven’t bought too much extra, I have to stick to my meal planner too. This also means I have to eat all of the recipes I’ve planned for and not buy takeaways, or go out for food on extra nights.

By sticking to my organised list, I save myself so much time and money. It’s super worth it.

Meal Planning |



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