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May Favourites

I haven’t shared my monthly favourites in quite some time and I’ve been liking a few new things. Here are my favourites from May, including some home bits, beauty bits and all of my tech favourites.


I’m loving having greenery around the place. I’ve actually been remembering to spray them with water this month too, so they are actually green at the moment.

Beyoncé Heat Perfume

This is the perfect balance of sweet and spicy that I just love. I like to mix up my perfume every so often, but I keep going back to this.

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

I’ve had quite a bit of trouble getting to sleep this month and this has really helped. It makes me wonder if I should get one of those aromatherapy sort of alarms too.

Soap & Glory Clean On Me Body Wash

I love the citrusy part of this. It always brightens me up in the morning, but it’s not so much that I can’t use it before bed. It’s fresh and so delicious smelling.

The Body Shop Strawberry Hand Cream

My hands have been really dry lately, so this has been helping a lot. It also smells divine and I actually get lots of people asking about it.

May 2016 Favourites | Emma Louisa


Ecoya French Pear Candle

I’ve loved sitting around at home with a blanket and a candle lit. It makes my apartment feel so much cosier and homely. In particular, I love this one for it’s amazing smell that lasts for hours.

Warm knitwear

I’m loving wearing leggings or black pants with a warm piece of knitwear thrown on on top. They are warm, comfy and soft. Thanks to last year’s purchases, I can ear one every day and not do a load of woolens in the wash for a week or so.

Fluffy socks

We have lino in our kitchen and living area so my feet get super cold when they temperature goes down, so I’ve been loving my fluffy socks. One of my slippers was hiding under the bed for most of the month, so I needed these a lot.

Now onto the tech favourites…


May Favourites 2016 - Tech |



This TV show is great for anyone who doesn’t take their crime shows too seriously. It’s light on forensics and big on storyline and dirty cops.

The Wrong Mans
This show is all about the being in the wrong place at just the right time. Think murder, kidnapping and a whole lot of goofy antics.


Helen vlogs her life every day. She just moved house and went on tour with her band so that was interesting to watch.

Jonathan, Anna and their two cute kids, Emilia and Eduardo are really fun to watch. The kids say so many classic things, it’s great.

Kate La Vie
Kate’s channel is a combination of lifestyle, design and weekly vlogs. I love her style, both personal and homewares.


Check out my post from Sunday on all of those.


I love snapchat as a platform recently because I just love the stories you can tell and the inside look into someone’s life you can get from it. I follow as many people as possible on there.


I actually like the new algorithm. I know they didn’t change it completely, but it’s still prioritising for me, as far as I can tell because I’m loving my feed so much more lately.


I love watching the little videos that some of the bloggers and vloggers I follow are making. The only downfall of this is that I don’t follow many people, so most days there isn’t anything for me to watch. Try it out though, I haven’t dared watch random people’s videos yet.


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