Kitchen Haul |

Kitchen Haul

I’ve bought quite a few things lately for our little apartment lately, so I thought I’d show you all of the food related items. They are all bargains, so if you’re after some cheap, yet cute things for your kitchen, I recommend these shops. They actually all have quite cool new ranges in now, so if you head in now you’ll probably find something else you like. I bought some of these at clearance pricing though so they may not be available anymore.

Kitchenwares Haul |

Rolling Pin from The Warehouse // Pots from Living + Giving // Measuring Cups from Living + Giving // Mugs from Kmart // Mini Frying Baskets from Kmart // Breakfast Tray from Kmart // Cookie Cutters from The Warehouse // Spatula from The Warehouse // Cake Stand from The Warehouse // Chocolate Tray from Kmart // Pot Pads from Kmart


If you know of any shops in Auckland that have some great homewares at affordable prices, please comment below and share with everyone.


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I am in now way affiliated with any of the brands mentioned in this post



  1. Ahhhh so many pretties! I desperately want to go out and spend money on homewares because I still have the flatware set I bought when I moved out of home 16 years ago. I’m saving for a house though, so will have to abstain *sigh*

    1. Saving for a house definitely takes priority! But I definitely admire your determination to stay away from the pretties. I don’t have that same determination… 🙂

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