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A Little Lush Haul

A Little Lush Haul | EmmaLouisa.com


A week or so ago I went into Lush and made a very belated purchase. I ran out of bath bombs months ago and since I was going back to my parent’s house, which has a bath, for the long weekend last week, I wanted to pick up a couple of bath bombs.


The staff were super friendly and helpful as always and made a few recommendations, but weren’t pushy about whether I actually bought them or not.


I ended up leaving with a Space Girl bath bomb, a Twilight bath bomb and Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask. I wanted to get more but since I don’t have baths very often, I only got these two. I thought about getting some shower items but figured I’ll go back soon since I already have a few things on the go.


What do you recommend from Lush?





  1. I’ve had the Twilight bath bomb before and it was perfect when I was unwell. It’s so relaxing and will put you right to sleep!

    1. Maybe I’ll try it out when I’m sick and see how I go. Used Space Girl while I was home and it smelled so good. I’ll maybe post my review soon.


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