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Wall Art Wishlist

I’m hoping to finally create the Art Wall I’ve been wanting to do for maybe six months now, so of course, I need to have the art. I bought one on Saturday, but I’m thinking of what else could go with it. Here are some I found online.

Wall Art Wishlist | EmmaLouisa.com

Simply Creative Dark Diamond Print // Lazy Sundae // Do Epic Shit // Paradise Print // Beautiful Wreath // Maiko Nagao Prints – Superhero Range – Ninja Turtle // Destined For Greatness – Felt Flag


P.S. Not gonna lie, those images are no where to scale to each other.

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  1. Nice selection! I especially like the Ninja Turtles print 🙂
    I started an art wall after deciding that every time I visit a new country I will try to buy a piece of art from there, even just a little print, Its slowly growing and I feel joy every time I look at it.

  2. Nice round up. I’m also wanting to do an art wall – my house is seriously lacking in the art department. There are so many cute prints around now too. I love the beautiful wreath.

    1. Hey Nicola, There’s so many I want and so little I can afford… I want them all. Slowly but surely 🙂

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