TV Shows I’ve Been Loving

Let me tell you, I watch a lot of TV. But still there’s a lot of good stuff on. And life is too short for bad television. Don’t worry there’s no spoilers below.

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Being the PR queen of the White House is a pretty amazing feat but so is having an anti-scandal company. The storylines are always so interesting on this show. It’s one of those ones with a customer each episode and a thread of a different storyline going through each season. So far I’ve watched the first two seasons, but I’m keen for more.


Game of Thrones

I was busy doing other things when Season 4 was live on TV, so I’ caught up last weekend. I haven’t watched the first episode of the new season though, since I’m just not sure how since I don’t have SKY or NEON. I’m sure I’ll figure something out.


American Crime

This is a new one for me. I found it on TVNZ on demand one day. I must admit I started watching it because Felicity Huffman is in it –I’m an ex-Desperate Housewives fan. I’m honestly still trying to figure out whether I really like it, but I still keep watching it. It’s kind of a summary of the boiling pot that is the American justice system that interests me though. It’s also well shot, with the grainy effects and all.


Better Call Saul

I loved Breaking Bad. I’m actually thinking about re-watching it all the way through again soon. So when I found out a prequel was being made, I was onto it. My original plan to watch it was to wait until the end of the season, get a 30-day free trial of Lightbox, and then watch it through. Then Spark announced a free subscription for a year for the customer’s and I was in. It’s witty, smart and the storylines actually interest me. The only thing is that since it’s a prequel, you know neither Jimmy or Mike will come to much harm.


Criminal Minds

This is a show I’ve been watching for years. It’s one of those ones that although the characters haven’t changed that much over the years, I still love it. Spencer, with his amazing mind and memory, and precious soul, is my favourite. But the relationship between Morgan and Garcia is the best.



I must admit, I shouldn’t watch this all in a row since it does get a little predictable, but a crime show whose detectives success is based majorly on one of their supreme memories is pretty cool. I think now that they only work major crimes, it seems more of a stretch to me, but I still like it.


Law and Order: SVU

Always a classic. I’ve watched four season over the last month or so, and loved it. I haven’t been that well, so coming home from work to watch it and relax each night was comforting, even if the subject matter gave me the occasional nightmare.



My brother is a lawyer, so the thought of someone being a lawyer without having to go to law school cracks me up. The ongoing threat of his secret being exposed makes it exciting, but really I like the stories of each episode the most. The way they skirt around the law and the common ways of defending someone.


House of Cards

This is another show that is very calculating, witty and beautifully produced. I love the style of the shots and the script and the inner monologue and all of its beauty. I also enjoy the politics of it all.

This list really makes it obvious how much TV I watch. And how much of it involves crime. I really could be doing something better with my life…


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  1. Better Call Saul, Criminal Minds, and Suits are the best! How hot is Matthew Gray Gubler in CM?!

  2. I love suits and game of thrones. Really want to watch House of Cards at some point 🙂

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