A Year of Firsts

To begin, I’d like to thank Elise from The Confetti Room for sharing her Year of Firsts in our #BrunchClub bloggers group. I thought this would be a great idea and was super inspired by her list of goals.

Last year was a big year of firsts without even really trying because it was my first year after graduating, a new job, moved home and then back to Auckland for another job, and moved in with my boyfriend. But I need to try a little harder to make this year amazing and filled with new experiences.

There are so many things I want to do to grow this year. I want to do loads of things in Auckland since we may not live there forever. I want to grow in my career and learn new skills.

Already this year, I’ve taken some new Skillshare classes, joined blogger communities, and chatted to people on Twitter. Here’s what I want to do throughout the rest of the year:


A Year of Firsts 1  EmmaLouisa.com


Go to a blogger meet-up

I’d love to meet some fellow bloggers and chat about it all. There are already some groups in Auckland and I’m hoping to go to each of their next meet-ups to see if I love any of them.


Move to a new place

I moved in my boyfriend last year to an apartment with a 9 month lease. We aren’t loving it, it’s too far from work, is expensive, and things break even though we’re the first people to live in it. We’re keen to save a little time and money, being closer to work. Wish us luck…


Do a new hairstyle every day for a week

I find myself tying my hair up in a ponytail or bun basically every day. I need to try some new things while I have my hair at this length and challenge myself to put a little extra effort in.


Make a piece of jewellery

I’ve wanted to make my jewellery for a long time. If I can make a necklace or bracelet sometime this year I’ll be super happy I’ve achieved something with it.


Cut my hair shorter again

My hair has gotten to the point now where it’s too thin on the bottom and looks weird in a ponytail and down if not styled. It used to curl quite nicely but no more. I’m hoping to cut it shorter and grow it out healthy again.


Create an art wall

I’ve always wanted to have a wall of great art that inspires me everyday. I’m hoping in our new place we’ve got a wall that would look great. I’d do it in our place now, but I’d rather wait and do it right.


A Year of Firsts 2  EmmaLouisa.com


Go to the gym three times a week for a month

I’m really in need of committing to the gym. I’ve joined and am paying for it, but I often find myself making excuses not to go. The only way to get myself addicted to going is to go so often so that I need to.


Plan a weekend trip away

I’d love to go to a new town and spend the weekend looking around. It’ll be a great break from the norm. Not sure where yet though.


Learn aperture, shutter speed and ISO

I’d love to be able to know how to make the lighting perfect in any conditions on my camera. I’m going to try to spend an afternoon once a month teaching myself.


Finish my 365 diary

I’m already behind and I’ve tried to do one before, but I’d love to have this to look back on. It’s a challenge to do something daily to create this amazing book.


Take two more Photoshop classes on Skillshare

I need to become more used to Photoshop for work and the blog, so I’m trying to commit to doing these classes and using them for the blog so that I can learn new things.


A Year of Firsts 3  EmmaLouisa.com


Make hanging plants

I’d love to have those netted potted plants to hang outside. I’d love to have some greenery around and maybe a herb garden too, but this will be the start.


Host a great themed party

I’m keen to put my efforts into hosting a wicked arty. With decorations, maybe costumes. Will see how the year goes, but maybe Halloween or something.


Gain 100 Twitter followers

I have only just started taking Twitter seriously and using it to communicate with other bloggers. It’s a great communication tool and as I use it more, I’m hoping to gain some more followers.


Take a photography class

Maybe online, maybe in person, but I’d love to learn some new tricks and figure out some new styles. I’m thinking a class is the best way to push myself. I’m quite keen on the A Beautiful Mess classes.


Design and make three clothing items

I used to make my own clothes all the time and I’d love to get back into it. Probably make a dress or skirt first and go from there, but we’ll see.


Have an average of 40 views per week over a month on the blog

I’m hoping to further my reach and interact with some more people, and over time, get some more views on my posts. This will mean sticking to posting regularly and putting effort in to put myself out there and get stuff done.


Get a tattoo, or decide once and for all not to

I have two tattoos in mind that I’ve been thinking about for over a year now, but I need to either bite the bullet and do them, or decide not to. The limbo is quite annoying.


A Year of Firsts 4  EmmaLouisa.com


Make dumplings at home

Dumplings are probably one of my favourite food items and I’d love to learn to make them at home. I’ve tried to make them before and we failed and decided to make wontons last minute.


Make a memory jar

I want to make a jar to put in notes about amazing things that happen this year. This is so that at the end of the year, I can go through them and look back on how great my year was.


Lose at least 10kg

I’ve gained a lot of weight over the last few years and want to commit to losing at least some of it. This will be a year long goal to lose some of the weight by eating healthy and getting fit.


Redesign the blog

There are quite a few things I want to change about the blog design, but this will take me a long time to transition to what I want. I’m going to be doing it myself, since I can’t afford to pay someone else to do it, so it will be a huge learning process.


Save a few thousand dollars

I haven’t managed to save any money since I was in high school and my parents paid for everything. I’d love to be able to save a bit and feel like an adult, since I’ve only managed to save a little bit so far. I’m going to have to curb my shopping addiction though to achieve this.


Knit a chunky scarf

This is something I’ve seen around and have been wanting to do myself. I haven’t sewn anything until I was a small child and my Gran taught me a little, so I’d love to make a blanket for our couch out of a chunky knit.


Upload a video to the blog

I’m wanting to push myself to try to make a video. Not sure if it’ll be a step by step DIY, a vlog or tutorial, but I want to challenge myself to create something in the least.


I know this is a super long post but I’m hoping to look back on it for inspiration over the year.


What do you want to achieve this year?



(Images sourced from Pinterest)


  1. This is such an awesomely well rounded list Emma. I love the idea of making a memory jar!x

    1. Thanks Elise! Let’s just hope I do almost if not all of them 🙂

  2. I’m with you on the savings front! I need to pay off my credit card after December and January over-spending, and then save some money for a rainy day. They do hit and I’m usually unprepared.

    1. Exactly! And there are too many other things like a car and just in case my laptop dies *touches wood* to save for. Lotto winnings please 🙂

  3. I love your list, and the presentation of it! It’s so cool getting a little explanation for each item. Best of luck with your guys move! P.s. thanks for the heads up on Skillshare, seems like a cool website!

  4. The memory jar is a great idea. I kind of use my photos as that when I’m feeling a bit blue. It’s so easy to forget the great stuff you’ve done, but if you are reminded of them, things never seem so bad. Things can come in cycles.

  5. Ermergersh Emma it’s Amber from Fashion Week 🙂 I was wondering if this was you or not! Awesome website, so cool to see you blogging! Love your list btw, best of luck with it all this year 🙂

    1. Hiii!! Thanks 🙂 Glad to see your trip was amazing

  6. MEMORY JAR! Love love love it!
    For one of my boyfriend’s and my anniversaries, I wrote 365 reasons why I love him on 365 different pieces of paper and stuck it into a jar for him to read one a day for the next year. And then I started a memory box and put all the good things into it (I’ve been writing them down as well as collecting used tickets, birthday/anniversary cards and photos from my Polaroid camera).
    Such a good idea!!

  7. nice list! 🙂

    I’m a huge supporter of short hair and tattoos, so you have my vote on that!

  8. Great list! I’m hoping to get working on my photography skills this year too! If I have time 🙂 Cant wait to start ticking things off my own list! This will be fun I think

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  10. I want to make a memory jar. I keep meaning to get one started but never have. Rather then a list of firsts I’ve got my own list of things that I want to achieve over a longer period.

  11. Love your list! Would love to see pictures of the art wall when it happens!

    I’ve made a list too over at my blog Beautiful Temptations

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