The Tannery






Last weekend my boyfriend and I went to the Tannery, a café in New Lynn. It’s a collaboration between Kohu Road Ice cream and Mt Atkinson coffee, and they also serve Best Ugly bagels and some baked yummies.

I first found out about Kohu Road when I worked at a food wholesalers and had a sample and it is the best ice cream I have ever tasted. It’s basically the fanciest ice cream you’d find at the supermarket and it’s not something we have often though, since it is $20 for a 1litre at New World. It is super flavoured though, so I’ll find I only need maybe a spoonful to satisfy any cravings. The double at the café was $4.50 and super generous, so I’d say I’d be going there for my fix instead.

I had a King bagel, which was very good, just like at Best Ugly, and an iced mocha which had chocolate ice cream in it. Once I’d melted the ice cream a little, it was super sweet and yummy. My boyfriend had a double of ice cream, salted caramel and chocolate, and a brownie.

We were both super satisfied and I’m already keen to go again this weekend, maybe just for an ice cream. I’m also keen to try a hot coffee and they’re boysenberry doughnuts looked amazing!


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