Prosecco three ways with berries | Emma Louisa

Prosecco Cocktails | Three Simple Recipes

Prosecco is great on it’s own, that’s kind of what they make it for, but if you want to try something a little different, there are endless options. Just like any other liquor, there are accompanying ingredients that can make it into something completely different. You could try adding other types of liquor, but my favourite

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Cookbook and Book Haul |

Cookbook + Book Haul

I walked into The Warehouse over the weekend on the hunt for photo frames and ending up seeing their book sale. Normally I look at those stacks and see nothing I like, because they are obscure books that no one wanted, or are quite badly damaged. This time around though, I spotted The Rest of Us

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Office Inspiration |

Office Inspiration

I keep looking at my desk and thinking it needs to be reorganised. It’s not messy right now, but it just needs to be a bit more organised so that it stays that way. I don’t have drawers so that would be a great start, but I’ve also been looking for a few more ideas.

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Bag Lady Vol. 3 |

Bag Lady Vol. 3

My bag collection doesn’t necessarily need to get any bigger, but that probably won’t stop me. I really like switching it out, both for my outfit, but also for what I’m doing that day or night, depending on what I need to carry with me. I tend to buy bags that are relatively cheap, $20

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