The Memory Book by Lisa Avery Book Review |

The Memory Book by Lara Avery | Book Review

The Memory Book is the story of a girl diagnosed with Niemann-Pick, a disease that among other things, will take her memory from her. To remember, Sam types out her story on her laptop. It is an emotional tale of love, illness, friendship and daring to do what you want. Lisa Avery really captured the essence

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The Garden Shed |

The Garden Shed | Mt Eden

Last Saturday, I went to a blogger’s brunch with #BrunchClub. We went to a bar and bistro in Mt Eden, The Garden Shed. For my brunch, I ordered gluten free Buckwheat Pancakes, a vanilla latte and an apple juice. The food was amazing and it was really great chatting with the group. The pancakes were super light

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LUSH Cosmetics The Experimenter Review |

LUSH Cosmetics The Experimenter Bath Bomb | Review

Ever since The Experimenter Bath Bomb was featured on the LUSH site, I wondered what it would be like. Whether it would create a rainbow, or just a murky mess. Whether it would shoot around the bath, or just crumble in one spot. It’s made of five bright colours, which I hoped would translate into such a

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MAC Cosmetics Mini Haul |

MAC Cosmetics Mini Haul

Whenever someone leaves the country, I’ll ask them to get me some bits from duty free. Maybe a perfume, alcohol, a gift for someone, or beauty products. Not needing to pay tax or duties makes it quite a bit cheaper. Atleast enough to make it worth waiting til someone goes overseas. I only buy myself

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Treat yourself | Emma Louisa

Treat yourself

When you are feeling a little down, or like you need a break, treat yourself to something nice. It doesn’t have to be buying yourself something, it could be treating yourself to a little me time, reading a book, letting yourself sleep in. Cut yourself a little bit of slack. Give yourself a decent day,

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Meal Planning |

Meal Planning

I’m so much better organised when I plan out my weeks for the week ahead. I don’t need to buy my lunch when I’m at work, and I always have something sorted when I get home from work. To keep my plan a little healthier, I like to do my meal planning after going to the

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